The Library Module


Making a New Catalog

Lightroom can support multiple catalogs and easily switch between them. 

Importing Images from a Hard Drive

A key skill to master is how to get images that are already on the computer into Lightroom.

Importing Images from Camera or Card Reader

Learn how to get images from a Camera or Card Reader into Lightroom.


Adding Keywords

Creating images is one thing but being able to find them is another. Adding keywords helps you to organise and find your images quickly and efficiently.

Ranking and Reviewing

Learn how to rank and review images.

The Painter Tool

This is an amazing tool for updating your images. One thing you cant do with it is paint. 


Display Options

In Grid and Loupe View you can have verious information visible with the thumbnails or previews. In this video I show you how to customise this information.

Export Presets

In this video you will learn how to create export presets for web and print applications.